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Zhenjiang Garage Door Maintenance and Door Types in Cold Environment

Update Time: 2019-12-5 16:59:18
Garage doors include remote control, induction, electric, and manual. Remote control, induction, and electric in Zhenjiang garage doors can be collectively referred to as automatic garage doors. Automatic garage doors are mainly classified into flip garage doors and rolling garage doors. In particular, the door opening is large, and it is convenient and quick to open the place where the ground door is not convenient to install. There are color steel door garage doors, Luopusi garage doors, wood grain door garage doors, solid wood garage doors. Rolling shutter garage doors include ordinary rolling shutter garage doors, stainless steel rolling shutter garage doors, aluminum alloy rolling shutter garage doors, foam rolling shutter doors, inorganic cloth fireproof rolling shutter doors and so on.
Some garage doors are roller shutters, but roller shutters are easier to pry open. In addition to welding two angle irons near the garage door, plus two padlocks, many homeowners will install monitoring on it. If there is a problem, the police will be promptly notified. The garage door can be installed with anti-theft and security systems, such as the drag-resistance rebound system. This facility can stop the door body when it encounters resistance, which not only protects the safety of people and vehicles from entering or leaving, but also protects the reliable use of the door. Vehicles and pets are safe to enter and leave; anti-theft alarm system, when someone opens the door, the tweeter will sound an alarm to protect safety. At the same time, it is equipped with a power backup function for backup batteries, so there is no need to open the door manually after a power failure.

When painting on a clear day, climatic conditions can have a significant impact on the quality of external paint. At the same time, be sure to thoroughly clean the garage door before painting, and completely dry before starting painting. Use a mild detergent and soft brush to remove any corrosive chemicals or dirt from the garage door, thereby preventing it from corroding the garage door or rusting or even distorting the garage door. After cleaning, you can check whether the spring or hinge needs maintenance at a glance. It is generally recommended to clean it 3-4 times a year. This will ensure that the garage door is always in a healthy state. Electric garage doors have springs and chains to keep the doors moving up and down easily. To ensure proper operation, it is recommended to use spray oil on all springs, hinges, rollers, and pivot points at least once a year to lubricate critical moving parts.
Today's common rolling garage doors are made of aluminum alloy extruded profiles. The surface is treated with electrostatic powder spraying, fluorocarbon spraying and other treatment processes to achieve corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, non-rust, and scratch resistance, and durability Strong, long service life, high strength, with anti-theft, protection and other properties, so it is the most widely used. The garage door should be thoroughly inspected every year and any screws, nuts or bolts that might loosen should be tightened. This is important to keep the garage door moving properly on the drum. Use a cleaner that does not contain corrosive substances, wipe the garage door track, and carefully clean all exposed parts of the drum to remove any excess moisture.

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