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Common opening failures and maintenance methods of Zhenjiang garage doors

Updated: 2019-10-18 16:00:46
Garage doors can be found everywhere in our lives. Garage doors can protect our cars, but daily inspection of garage doors is still important. In order to better use Zhenjiang garage doors , we need to know common faults and maintenance methods. The garage door cannot be opened normally. The garage door manual switch device fails. The common maintenance methods are to check the socket, plug, manual switch, fuse of fuse, check the wiring of the manual switch and receiving board, and reposition the travel switch to increase travel. The garage door is malfunctioning and must be close to it before it can be used. The conventional maintenance method is to extend the antenna to the outside of the garage, extend the antenna out of the driver and straighten it, and replace the battery.
The garage door is not tightly closed and cannot be completely closed, or the garage door is not completely opened. The conventional maintenance method for garage door opening and closing is to reposition the travel switch to increase the travel. During the opening of the garage door, the garage door body rushed over the travel switch. The conventional maintenance method is to check the travel switch and the wiring of the travel switch. During the opening and closing process of the garage door, the operating noise is too loud, and the garage door is operating with a lot of noise. The conventional maintenance method is to strengthen the hardware, adjust the drive rod and the center line of the door. The garage door fails but can be opened with a manual switch. The garage door fails. The conventional maintenance method is to complete the code operation according to the instructions. Replace the internal battery. Please ask the maintenance staff to check the control panel. Garage doors are widely used in life. Most of them are Garage Door.

Garage door wire rope breaks may cause the garage door to malfunction. Whether the roller hinges and other parts are in friction with the wire rope and damaged the wire rope; whether the specifications of the wire diameter of the garage door wire rope meet the load bearing requirements; whether the garage door wire rope has been used for a long time and the environment is harsh, and has not been regularly maintained; At the time, its rust removal or lubrication was not completely done, which caused the wire rope to break. There are more and more brands of garage doors. Choosing a garage door with better cost performance is the topic that consumers are most concerned about. A good garage door should have finger protection, good sealing performance, anti-rebound function, manual opening function, anti-prying, and alarm functions.
There are many ways to open the garage door. Motion detectors, photoelectric radiation eyes, induction coils, etc. are all ways that the door opens automatically when the vehicle approaches. Pay attention to adjusting the speed of the forklift or pedestrian. If the traffic at the entrance is relatively congested or both vehicles and pedestrians pass through, then the appropriate opening method should be to control the direction of vehicle entry and exit and limit the speed of the vehicle. All the indicators of the garage door meet the safety standards, and its design is fully adapted to the needs of practical applications. Choosing an appropriate door opening and closing speed will help you improve your work efficiency and reduce maintenance. If necessary, choose a window that is large enough so that the forklift driver can clearly see the situation on the other side of the door. If sealing strips are needed to isolate the air-conditioning environment or debris, you should choose an efficient all-around sealed type.

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