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Zhenjiang fire door material is a key factor in fire prevention

Update Time: 2019-9-20 15:30:05
Fire doors are important fire protection facilities for building fire protection. Fire doors have been widely used in China for decades. At present, the overall development of the fire door industry is not very standardized. It is affected by factors such as raw material prices, real estate policies, and fire door competition. The innovation and development of domestic fire door enterprises is very slow, and many unfavorable factors affect the development of the fire door industry. According to different locations, Zhenjiang fire doors are installed with different materials of fire doors. Stainless steel fire doors, glass fire doors, and other products have a better service life if the door body is better preserved. Because daily use is frequent, install appropriate fire doors according to different places , Extend the life cycle and life.
Pay attention to the specifications when installing stainless steel fire doors. Pay attention to the specifications when installing stainless steel fire doors. Do not cut corners to save time. The installation effect directly affects the service life and performance of the product. It must be grouted when it is installed and fixed. This makes the door more robust and durable. The maintenance of stainless steel fire doors must be assigned by professionals. If there are problems, they should be dealt with accordingly. In the process of use, avoid using some wrong methods, such as locking the door, forcing the fire door with a rope or wire, and placing items under the door. Although stainless steel fire doors have not been used for a certain period of time, they need to be well maintained to protect our lives and property at ease.

Fire doors are a part of fire protection equipment. There are many types of fire doors and the materials are obviously different. We also see that they usually include wood, steel, steel and wood, and most of them are installed and used. It is necessary to install a fire door closer so that it can automatically close the door leaf when a fire occurs, ensuring the effective prevention of the spread of fire, and the effect of blocking the smoke, which is convenient for personnel to escape quickly, but the products of different materials may have fire prevention effects. There are differences, and there are differences in prices.
Whether it is a wooden fire door, or a steel-wood or steel door, they need to use thermal insulation and flame retardant materials for the door frame, door frame, and door panel, whether it is flame-resistant wood, non-toxic fire insulation materials and fire hardware The accessories are designed to have better fire resistance when used, and the performance of their effects will also be in place. The selection of a suitable material fire door can achieve better results in terms of fire prevention effects, and it will also be unused in terms of cost. Therefore, it must be better grasped according to actual conditions when purchasing The advantages are also very prominent, and the performance in terms of quality will also be in place.

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