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Zhenjiang electric door connector and infrastructure troubleshooting

Update Time: 2019-8-23 16:30:55
The electric door has a high probability of failure due to its complicated structure. Many times there will be a few small problems with the electric door . Zhenjiang electric doors sometimes have no response whether it is operated by a computer or local operation. Checking the power supply shows that it is not electric. The door has no electricity. You can check whether the electric door machinery is sinking, whether the travel switch is normal, whether the remote and local switches are properly energized, whether the protective switch inside the door is normal, etc. If the green light is on, it is a normal villa door. If it is a red light, the item will be missing. If both the traffic light and the green light are on, then the fault protector is faulty. If the traffic light is not on, the quality of the fault protector is a fault.
If the electric door returns to normal, the normally closed contact of the fault protector can be shorted, and then the electric door can resume normal operation. Another phenomenon is that the opening and closing direction of the electric door is wrong. This is not a problem of the phase sequence of the motor, but to check whether the three direct resistances of the electric door motor are balanced, whether the light-opening stroke is correct, and whether the electric door machinery is heavy. If there is one less motor, the rotation of the motor of the electric door motor is a free state, and the direction in which the electric door is turned is light, so the opening and closing direction of the electric door is the problem, so the problem of the lack of the electric door motor is to be solved. The electric door is mainly composed of a door body, a driver, and a control system. The door body is made of high-quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy special profiles, and is hinged by the principle of parallelogram, which has a large telescopic and flexible stroke.

The aluminum alloy connector uses die-cast aluminum alloy connector to break the conventional plastic door main material connection plastic process. The stable body is indestructible and can never change shape under the sun exposure, does not age, does not change color, and is always bright; the connection screw is firm It is not easy to slip, so it runs smoothly, stable and noiseless, and is several times stronger than other ordinary electric door connectors in terms of performance, firmness and durability. The wheels are electric wheels.The driving wheels and driven wheels are made of cast aluminum alloy and are made of imported rubber. The driven wheels also adopt a double bearing device structure to achieve the concentric effect of the two wheels without swaying. Abrasion resistance and reliability ensure long-term operation of the door.
With the increase in infrastructure investment in the electric door industry, the market demand for its industry is also relatively large. The electric door industry is the world's largest market. Because small and medium-sized electric door companies are in a relatively weak position in market competition, if they want to have a place in the market, they still need speed. The importance of the customer to the company. The development of the company is to meet the needs of the customer. Therefore, in the development of the company, employees must remember what the customer wants and how to meet the customer's expectations. Because the small and medium-sized electric door enterprises are relatively scarce in resources, if they want to survive by copying the innovative products of large enterprises, it will not last forever. Therefore, small and medium-sized enterprises can continue to innovate to build their own advantages and accumulate through extraordinary integrity strength.

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