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Zhenjiang garage door has more functional requirements in life

Updated: 2019-8-8 16:30:24

As living standards improve, private car ownership has skyrocketed. As the number of garage door forms became more and more, the subsequent failures of the garage door also followed, and sometimes the garage door opened automatically after it was closed, which was caused by the wrong position of the garage door opener. The solution is to adjust the limit of Zhenjiang garage door opener to a suitable position. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to adjust the limit knob, adjust the knob with the limit arrow down, and rotate in the opposite direction of the arrow direction. Adjust a little at a time, step by step. Test that the garage door is closed. If it is not adjusted, adjust it again and test again until the garage door can be closed normally.
The garage door remote control does n’t respond because the remote control battery is dead, or the battery power is low. After replacing the battery (note the positive and negative polarity), if the indicator light is still off, check the buttons for damage and oxidation (if Some keys are responding, others are not. It is very likely that the keys are damaged, or the diodes on the circuit may be damaged). Otherwise, the remote control may be damaged. After replacing the battery, the remote control does not respond. Please check whether the polarity of the battery is reversed and the battery is in good contact. If the contact is good, the remote control LED should be on. If the LED is on and the host is not responding, the remote control may be on. The coding chip is damaged because this chip is a static sensitive device, especially in the north, it is easy to damage it by touching the circuit board with your hand. After damage, only the chip can be replaced.

The distance between the remote controllers is sometimes far and sometimes close. It may be disturbed by electromagnetic waves in the surrounding environment. If it is located near a radio station, a television station, a mobile relay station, a radar station, or another transmitting station, the electromagnetic interference is very large. Some industrial equipment, such as high-frequency plastic presses, can also cause great disturbances. If these disturbances are in the vicinity, if these disturbances are removed, check whether the receiving antenna is in good contact. The other is a garage door opened by a magnetic induction card. The principle is a complete access control system. A control switch is added to the garage door and a remote control module controls it. The user is equipped with a magnetic card that stores the correct data. The garage door is equipped with sensors, and only the correct "data card" can make the garage door open. This kind of garage door is easy to use, eliminating the hassle of getting in and out of the car when the garage door is opened and closed, but you still have to stop when you swipe your card, and the magnetic card is relatively easy to lose.
The electric garage door system includes the garage door as the main body, an electromagnetic door opener installed on the garage door, a control module for controlling the electromagnetic door opener, and a pressure sensor for sensing the vehicle; the pressure sensor and the electromagnetic door opener are respectively transmitted by radio Signal connection control module. The automatic induction garage door system is installed under the road in front of the garage door with a pressure sensor that can sense the pressure when the car passes. It is controlled by a remote control module. When the car passes, it generates pressure so that the pressure sensor sends a signal to the control module. , And passed to the electromagnetic door opener, automatically open the garage door, eliminating the need for users to get out of the car to open the door, or the trouble of parking the card.

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