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Zhenjiang fire door material reflects the fire protection effect

Updated: 2019-8-2 16:30:19
Fire door products can effectively ensure the proper fire protection effect when a fire occurs, and ensure the safety of our property and life. Therefore, this product is widely used in many buildings, but the effective fire protection effect of this product is similar to its It has a lot to do with buying. Pay attention to the quality of Zhenjiang fire doors when purchasing them. The details are an important aspect of evaluating the quality of the door. For example, door frames, glass, small hardware, etc. are very important. You must carefully look at the process. Whether the level is superb in handling and very flat and even.
Fire doors are certificated, so we can also buy by viewing the certificate. The certificate is like our human ID card. Such products produced by large regular manufacturers will have corresponding one-on-one inspection reports and inspection certificates. Looking at these is also an important guarantee for us when purchasing. The size is also very important for whether it can be fire-resistant and can be more effectively fire-resistant. When buying, you must choose according to the specific size. Make sure that the size is strict. The width should also meet the standard. The length can meet the corresponding standards. In the process of your purchase, the sales staff will usually introduce you to this door is divided into A, B, and C. We can choose the suitable one according to the location, so that it will be more secure during use.

The building is divided into several areas by fire doors, which suppress the fire by restricting the flow of oxygen and the spread of fireworks in the building. If the fire door has a problem in the use of the material, it will play a small role, or it will not be possible to play the role. The fire door material uses a door leaf that is smaller than the thickness during design or testing, which causes the fire rating to be substandard. The materials used at the project site are underfilled and cut corners, which will reduce costs. , The fire insulation material is not filled as required, etc .; the project site uses raw materials that do not match the design and testing, such as the size of the design does not match or the materials used do not match the testing.
The sealing tape used on the fire door does not meet the fire protection requirements, and it is easy to prevent fire. The ordinary evacuation fire lock is used in the emergency evacuation port instead of the special escape lock. The glass of the fire door is also High-grade fire-resistant glass that should be able to fire, use single- or double-layer float glass, insulating glass, thin fire-resistant glass with insufficient grade or fire-resistant glass with poor lighting and excessive number of bubbles. .

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