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Zhenjiang fire door material determines its fire time

Update Time: 2019-7-19 14:20:23

There are many types of fire doors produced by fire door manufacturers, such as glazed fire doors and stainless steel fire doors. No matter what kind of Zhenjiang fire door is installed, it is basically the same. The price of steel fire doors is relatively easy to accept, but the weight is a bit large, and the aesthetics is not enough, so more ordinary households use it, while the wooden fire doors are more beautiful because they can also decorate other items, so they look particularly high-grade. Cafes, restaurants and high-end places are used more often. One point that must be paid attention to during installation and use is that the opening and closing of the door cannot cause congestion of the passageway. This is inconvenient for ordinary walking. Once a fire occurs, the consequences will be more serious. Therefore, this installation method is not allowed in fire protection.
The use of fire doors is a common social phenomenon, and is widely used by many civil or commercial buildings as fire protection materials to enhance the fire safety performance of buildings. Steel fire doors include all-steel fire doors and steel-wood fire doors. The two fire doors are slightly different in material. The door frame, door frame and door panel of the all-steel fire door are made of steel materials, and the door leaf is filled with non-toxic and harmless fire insulation materials, and then fireproof hardware accessories are used as connectors and fasteners This constitutes a steel fire door with excellent fire resistance.

Steel and wooden fire doors use steel and flame-resistant wood materials to make door frames, door leaf frames and door panels, and the interior is also filled with fire-resistant materials. Steel-wood fire doors are not only excellent in fire resistance and heat insulation, but also have strong decorative effects. There are also many styles of fire doors produced by fire door manufacturers, with novel and fashionable styles, which have won the favor of customers. The single-open steel fire door is a one-way opening door. The width of the door frame is no more than 1 meter. The product structure is reasonable in design, durable and reliable. The living-hinged hinge is used for easy installation and beautiful appearance.
The single-open steel fire door uses high-quality galvanized steel sheet, and the door body is filled with heat-resistant and refractory materials. The workmanship is exquisite, and the product has good heat insulation, fire resistance stability and integrity. Equipped with the national fire inspection agency qualified hardware accessories. The surface is painted with paint and colors are available. The size of the door body can be tailored according to user needs, fully respecting the wishes of users. It consists of door frame, door leaf, fire lock, fire door closer, fire hinge, and fire seal. The thickness of the door leaf steel plate is 0.8mm, and the door frame adopts 1.2mm, 1.5mm and 3.0mm steel plates according to different parts. The products are mainly used in workshops, external evacuation stairs, power equipment rooms, elevator control rooms, computer rooms and other places, as well as other civilian and industrial construction sites.

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