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Zhenjiang electric door is a common door in life

Update Time: 2019-6-13 16:20:52
Electric doors are very common around us. This kind of door has a beautiful appearance and good decoration, so this is his advantage as a door for many corporate institutions and public places. In addition, Zhenjiang electric doors can be freely controlled. The size of the doorway, the control of pedestrians or vehicles to intercept and release, so it is also very suitable for practical use in public places.
The basic function of the electric door is to protect the safety of people and property inside the door. The height of the door body of the electric door is usually about 1.6 meters, and it is transparent. This makes its sealing and safety much compromised because of this. The height, coupled with the hollow net flowers, can easily allow people to turn in or out, and some children and small animals can also drill in or out from the net flowers. This is very dangerous, so This requires a tamper-resistant device to solve this problem. The anti-rollover telescopic door is provided with a door head, a door body, a moving wheel, and a moving controller, and the moving controller controls the moving of the moving wheel. The anti-turn-in structure has a transmitter and a receiver. The receiver is arranged above the tail of the door body opposite to the door head through a fixing frame, and the transmitter is arranged above the door head through two fixing frames. The transmitter and the receiver are both moved The controllers are connected. Both the fixed frame and the two fixed frames are telescopic frames. When the anti-rollover device is activated, the transmitter and the receiver form an infrared protection net. The mobile controller is a PLC controller. The mobile controller is connected to the audible and visual alarm.

The control switch of the infrared protection device is in communication with the control switch of the telescopic door. When the infrared protection device needs to be turned on, it is automatically turned on, which can effectively prevent illegal entry. At the same time, a fixed frame and a second fixed frame are set as a telescopic structure, which can effectively save space. With this device, any object passing through the retractable door will trigger the alarm of the door body, and the infrared device will record the video of the living thing that passed over, which is convenient for security and police investigation. In this way, the situation of the telescopic door can be checked in time, the problem of entry of illegal personnel is solved, and security is provided for everyone. The opening device of the electric retractable door is a control device that controls the opening or closing of the electric door. Now most electric retractable doors have a safety protection function, so the retractable door stops working due to some safety issues. However, if you need to make slight adjustments every time, this will be very troublesome, and some problems cannot be solved by simple adjustments. This requires careful inspection and maintenance to make it work again.
When the door opener does not work, you need to check the circuit breaker and wiring. Find the cause of the failure. Remember to check the wiring system because rats and some termite insects can damage wiring and binding equipment and cause short wiring. When the electric door is stuck, the closing mechanism does not work, check the wiring of the limit switch and check whether the owner's setting manual is correct. Check the shipping if it is still connected to the drive and refer to the owner's opening and closing setup manual. When the electric door opens for no reason, you need to clear the remote control memory and reprogram, and make sure that the remote control button is also checked if there is no short circuit in the wiring.

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